The Story of Summit [Part 3]

Dear Warriors,

The past couple of weeks I’ve been sharing the story of my sweet spaniel, Summit. First, I shared the story of how we got him and then I shared how he helped (and continues to help) comfort me during my depression.

Last time, I signed off saying that there was one more part that I was really excited to share. This part might trump them all. There are just so many different aspects of this that scream God’s generosity and goodness.

Let’s talk about Tammy.

Tammy is a beautiful woman out in West Texas where I grew up.  She is the momma of the family Jake and I bought Summit from. BUT on the day we went to pick up our boy, she was sick and we were unable to meet - we just spoke with her husband.

A few months later, we connected through Facebook. I pursued her because I wanted to see if she had any puppy photos of Summit (which I’ll include because they are just too dang cute).  Through that little photo inquiry, a friendship sprouted. 

I quickly learned that Tammy was a mental illness Warrior just like myself. She had a history of battling depression.  At the time, I hadn’t heard many women who had battled with this. I still believed that it was rare and I was a crazy outcast. I believed something must be wrong with me.

Talking with Tammy and sharing our stories was really eye opening for me. It made me realize I wasn’t alone. It made me realize that there are women out there who can say, “I get it! You aren’t crazy! I battle this, too.” To a hurting and confused heart, those words are so powerful.

Tammy now is a part of my movement to continue fighting against this stigma. She has backed me and supported me LITERALLY every step of the way.

I look back often and wonder, how did this even happen? Neither of us had the intentions, agenda or knowledge to create this relationship. But gosh, God gifted me once again through my simple pursuit of a dog.

I’m not sure what the purpose in sharing this entire story of Summit. Maybe to encourage. Possibly to reiterate that God is so good. Or it could’ve just been to remind MYSELF of how beautiful and intentional this process was.

Whatever the case may be, I hope you leave encouraged. I hope you click out of this letter feeling more confident in God’s goodness. And I hope the FACT that you are intentionally loved by this immaculate Higher Being swims around in your mind for the rest of the day.

God is in ALL of the good, y’all. Seek to recognize that today. Breathe it in.

As always, keep living. Keep growing. And please Warrior, keep fighting.


Much love,


Kadi Stunz2 Comments