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3 Stereotypes of Mental Illness

Dear Warrior,

My heart is always heavy when I hear of people stuck in the muddied waters of depression. Lately, my heart has been at its heaviest.

It’s everywhere. Depression is everywhere.

My mind can’t comprehend how even a being like Satan could stoop as low as preying on weak and desperate minds. Yet he does it in every single moment. Every. Single. Moment.

I never thought I could be one to fall into such a trap as depression and suicide. As ashamed as I am now to say, I had bought into the stigmas surrounding mental illness.

Here are three of the stereotypes I subconsciously believed:

1.     They’re dysfunctional objects rather than a hurting soul.

2.     If they loved Jesus more, they wouldn’t be in this condition.

3.     They’re just selfish and attention seeking.

But then it found me.

When I least expected it, depression found me.

The stereotypes I had thrown onto those hurting souls were now defining me. I was the mentally ill. I was the dysfunctional object, the failed Christian, the selfish attention seeker.

I fought through my depression continuing to believe these blatant lies. It took me years until I finally realized that all of those stereotypes were so far from the truth.

So what is the truth? As a mental health Warrior or as an onlooker, how do we combat those stereotypes? If you, too, have fallen into these beliefs, here are a few things to slowly begin reworking our minds.

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