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Holding Hope

Dear Warriors,

I’m writing to you so that you don’t lose the hope you have. You see, hope is not just a feeling or something without value. It’s important to you mental and spiritual health to have hope.

Pioneers of Science have learned to value hope. Science suggests that being hopeful can reduce one’s perception of pain and help you heal faster. In an article called The Science of Hope the author reports:

"It turns out that a feeling of hopefulness changes the brain. Your brain pumps chemicals when experiencing the sensation of hope. These chemicals can block pain and accelerate healing. Hope, which involves belief and expectation, causes the brain to release nuerochemicals called endorphins, and enkephalins which actually mimic the effects of morphine...hope and recovery are correlated."

So don't feel hopeless! Did you know that Jesus came "to give you a future and a HOPE.” (summarized from Jeremiah 29:11). In another part of the Bible, hope is so important that hope is also described as "an anchor for the soul." Hebrews 6:19. With all of the references to hope in the Bible and the scientific proof supporting the notion of having hope, I'd say we really need to consider it as one of life's staples.

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