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As the Colors Fade

Dear Warrior,

I have a hard time keeping up with new music. Which is fairly ironic because I was a music major in college. But thankfully, my husband will introduce me to new bands and albums pretty regularly. A few weeks ago, Jakeb sent me a screenshot of The Head and the Heart’s newest record. If you haven’t heard of them, go listen. They’re pretty good.

I started listening to this album as I drove to work/errands/etc. I’d roll the windows down the windows and turn the volume up loud. I’d try to pick up on the lyrics as soon as I could so I could sing along.

When the seventh song came to an end and the eighth song made its debut into my world, I was immediately mesmerized by the lyrics. It was titled, “Colors.” The first line repeats itself throughout the song,

“I saw the colors fade away from you.”

Being an artist, this spoke to me in a few ways. For one, you can’t say the word “color” without my ears perking. That alone fully focused my attention as they began singing through my car stereo. 

Secondly, it immediately made me think of myself and other people that I know who are battling with depression. It felt like a beautifully tragic way to explain the way depression drains the life from your soul.

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