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Taking Thoughts Captive

Dear Warrior,

Feelings have driven my mind. They are like a current in the ocean. As soon as I dip my toes in, I’m taken by the strength of the water and rushed down an uncontrollable path – a path that I didn’t necessarily want to be on, but a path that I didn’t know how not to be on. I was a slave to what I felt.

Let me clarify something before we move on:

Feelings are not wrong.

Jesus, the beautiful example of a perfect life, felt things.

But being dominated by feelings is an incredibly scary and destructive place to be.

Not understanding how to take control of my mind and emotions nearly killed me. The biggest current I rode was the current of hopelessness.

When things wouldn’t go the way I had envisioned, I would slowly dip my toe into those dangerous waters.

“Is this the way it will always be? Is it possible for me to find joy now?”

As I wallowed in these thoughts, I would begin to wade even deeper.

“Is there any hope? What am I doing wrong?”

That simple wading would carry my mind into its vicious cycle of little escape. My mind would swarm out of my control into places of worthlessness and bitterness, until eventually it hit rock bottom.

“Why am I here? What’s the point of living?”


How do we stop that? How do we stop this life threatening cycle our minds so naturally run towards?

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