The Answer

Dear Warrior,

I want to know the answer to your battle. I want to know the answer to the oh so common struggle of darkness and lies invading the mind.

When you are caught in the swirling winds of doubt, fear and sadness, I want to know how to release you. I want to say the magic words to have you leaping out of the madness full of strength and joy.

When I receive messages of hopelessness and defeat, when I answer my phone to a crying, desperate voice, and when I'm greeted with a friend full of sorrow and shame - I want to know the answer for the escape.

Friends, it breaks me to say that I don't have that. You don't have that.

The only holder of the answer is in fact the answer.

I've sadly known this longer than I've practiced it. I knew that God was the only hope. God was the only being in control. Yet, I take things into my hands. I manipulate things until they suit my own standards. I declare myself "The Fixer."

Take these words and hold them tight: don't put your hope in human flesh. You'll be terribly disappointed. 

Search for The Answer. Find The Savior.

Much love,


Kadi StunzComment