The Project

Of Lions & Lace is a project created to share encouragement and offer insight to ladies who battle with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. I do not in any way claim to be a doctor, counselor, therapist, professor...or anything of the like. But I offer what I've learned through my own experiences in fighting these battles and I believe it is worth sharing.

In my own journey through mental illness, I have found that it is a hard topic to openly talk about. There is often shame and embarrassment restraining our desperate hearts from asking for help. My hope is that you will find complete vulnerability, complete love and complete freedom here.

Come in and read, watch, engage. Even ask questions and share your own thoughts and story. I'm so honored to have you here for as long as you're willing to stay.


The Name

When I was creating this project, I knew I wanted it to be branded based on lions and lace. I feel like lions are an incredible representation of the boldness and strength that God designed us women to carry. Lace represented the loveliness and beauty we were intricately created with. These pictures are reminders of who I really am when my identity is shaken.

So next time you look in the mirror, tell yourself how bold, strong, lovely and beautiful you truly are. 

The Author


My name is Kadi Dawn Stunz. I am an artist, writer and photographer searching for light throughout my journey on this earth. 

I desire to share hope and encouragement through my artistic avenues. I long to point people to the cross of my Savior with vulnerable stories, community and truth.

I believe that God is writing a story within each of our lives. and while mine is far from complete, I want to use where I've been to encourage others who may walk down a similar trail.

I long to be fully raw, fully vulnerable, and fully known.

I married my husband on January 3, 2015, in the cold, snowy mountains of Northern New Mexico. We later adopted our Brittany Spaniel, Summit (who I love entirely too much). We now reside in McKinney, TX.

This website is inspired by my ongoing battle with depression and anxiety. You can read more about my story by clicking the button below.